Available Easymozo Plans

We support three ways to help with your application process. All pricing options include a 1-week cooling off period, during this week you will be able to provide all required documents, become familiar with the site and be confident that we will help you maximize your application process.

After the week, your account will be charged and the review process can begin. If before that time you are not satisfied, then simply cancel your account and walk away without any fees or charges leveraged.


$100 USD

  • ✓ Upload all relevant documents
  • ✓ Review / Recommendation of eligibility
  • ✓ Credit towards other plans if you upgrade

ONE Program

$500 USD

  • ✓ All feature of Basic
  • ✓ Submission of recommended application
  • ✓ Canadian mailing address

ALL Inclusive

$900 USD

  • ✓ All features of ONE Program
  • ✓ Submission to all eligible programs
  • ✓ Application active for 24 months

Basic Plan

You are not sure you are eligible? This basic package gives you the opportunity to quickly find out whether you are eligible for at least one Canadian immigration program or not. The response you receive is a yes or no (yes, we encourage you to submit, No means we believe your application will not be successful). If the answer is yes, we will apply 100$ towards your upgrade.

ONE Program

This service includes submission for one immigration program. The program is identified based on our assessment of your application (profession, education level, years of experience, etc).

ALL Inclusive

This service includes full application processing for all eligible Federal and Provincial programs. Our specialist will continuously review existing programs for 24 months from the date of application submission. This service also includes Canadian mailing address, and 75% refund if a confirmation or acceptance is not received within 24 months of the date of submission.

Comparing Plan Features

Here is a break-down of the major features of the three EasyMozo plans.

Basic ONE Program ALL Inclusive
75% refund (1) NO YES YES
Canadian Mailing Address (2) NO YES YES
Number of eligible programs (3) 0 1 ALL
Includes fees charged by Canada Immigration Authorities NO NO NO
Application active for 1 month 12 months 24 months

And some explanation about the feature above

  1. We offer 75% refund if the application is not confirmed within 24 months of the date of submission.
  2. Using a Canadian mailing address means reduced processing times and minimizing delays.
  3. When you submit an application, we review your qualifications to determine the most appropriate program(s). If only one program is eligible, we submit your application for the most appropriate program. If you have the All inclusive Package, we submit your application for ALL eligible programs, both Federal and Provincial. We also review your application every 6 months to determine if new programs are published and assess your eligibility for them as well. This is done for the duration of 24 months from the datw of application submission.