About Us

EasyMozo is dedicated to helping potential citizens navigate the complex Canadian immigration application process. We provide you with an efficient means to submit an appropriate application form, easily track responses from the agency and keep on top of your status.

We prepare and submit applications that are complete and of top quality. However, we can not guarantee or influence the government of Canada immigration officials decisions on any application. We will provide an opinion and advice if an application is rejected. In the unlikely event your application is rejected due to being incoomplete, a full refund will be provided.

Omar Badreddin

Dr. Badreddin is a researcher in the field of Software Engineering and Healthcare Informatics. He has expertise in the compliance and regulatory domain, banking and insurance, hospital, and care industries.

Andrew Forward

Dr. Forward works and lives in Ottawa, Canada's capital. Apart from software development, he also teaches courses at the local university on software quality, web technologies and programming languages.